07 Dec

National Network

Today we form an Institute in Network on the subject of Brazilian metropolises and the challenges of development. This is an innovative project on account of the relationship between civil society, academia and public power, by using a unified methodology for research, monitoring and intervention, and yet by explore a single database.

The produce of comparable results have allowed us to identify convergent and divergent trends between the metropolises, generated by the effects of economic transformation, social, institutional and technological changes that passes the Brazilian society in the past 20 years. We believe that the knowledge generated, although it is specifically about the 12 regions mentioned, ensures a broader understanding regarding the impact of changes on the major Brazilian cities, allowing compare the results with the trends identified by international research.


To know more about the nucleii, instituitions, and main researchers members of the Observatory of the Metropolises Network click on the map to the side or select one from the list below: