07 Dec


The Observatory of the Metropolises is a group that operates as a network, gathering together individual and institutional researchers from both public and private universities. The team constituted in the Observatory has been working for 17 years, involving 97 main researchers and 59 institutions, in a systematic and articulate manner, on the metropolitan challenges presented in national development, taking as reference the understanding of the changes in the relations among the society, the economy, State and the territories encompassed by the large Brazilian urban agglomerations.

One of the main characteristics of the Observatory of the Metropolises is that of uniting Post-Graduation Programs at distinct stages of consolidation, which has allowed the virtuous practice of co-operation and scientific exchange through widespread circulation of academic practices and experiences. On the other hand, the Observatory seeks to ally its research and teaching activities to the performance of activities that contribute to the government and civil society actors in the public policies aimed at this area.

At the moment, the Observatory integrates the CNPq Millennium Programs, and, over the next 5 years, will have the objective of proceeding with and boosting its research activities, training of human resources, extension and transfer of results to society and the governments involved with metropolitan affairs. On the other hand, by involving groups of research distributed among all 5 major regions (North, Centre-West, Northeast, Southeast and South) of the country, the research activities it undertakes contributes to deepen the knowledge of diversity in the metropolitan reality of the country and its relations with regional inequalities.

In this phase, the intention of the Observatory of the Metropolises is to broaden and consolidate its original aim of becoming a multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary program that seeks to ally research and teaching to the social mission of performing and promoting activities that may influence the decisions of the actors who intervene in the field of public policy, as much in the sphere of government as in civil society. The proposal we hereby submit to this public announcement takes into consideration the experience accumulated by the Observatory in the production of knowledge and information for the drafting of the National Policy for Urban Development by the Ministry of the Cities. It also considers its contribution to the studies accomplished by the Ministry of Planning prior to foundation of the Pluriannual Plan-PPA 2008-2011 of the federal government.

Coordenador: Luiz Cesar de Queiroz Ribeiro – Professor Titular do Instituto de Pesquisa e Planejamento Urbano e Regional. Doutor em Arquitetura (Estruturas Ambientais Urbanas) pela USP. Pesquisador I-A do CNPq.
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