18 Jun

Line of Research IV - Monitoring of the metropolitan reality and institutional development

Heads of the research line:

Dr. Orlando Alves Santos Junior – FASE and Rio de Janeiro Nucleus

Prof. Renato Godinho – UFOP and Belo Horizonte Nucleus

Following the process of decentralization of urban policies in Brazil, one can observe the multiplication of channels of social participation in the administration of public policies at a local level. The most significant expressions of this participation are sectorial municipal boards and the processes of participative budgeting. However, in spite of all advancements, there are several obstacles and difficulties for the effective action of such boards and, more generally, of the public democratic sphere. One should here emphasize problems of training and the absence of instruments for the administration and monitoring of public policies.

Trying to contribute to the overcoming of these obstacles, this line of research Aims at (i) the development of activities, studies and recommendations; (ii) the monitoring of public policies ; (iii) the strengthening of national networks and forums for the articulation of social agents; (iv)divulging and consolidating the Observatory of Metropolises as an articulation network between research institutions and non-governmental organizations; (v) the systematic transference to society of research results and (vi) continuing the Interdisciplinary Program of Public Policies and Local Administration: Training Course for Capacitating Social Agents and Local Councilors. This line of research proposes the activities indicated below:

Line of Research IV - Monitoring of the metropolitan reality and institutional development

  • Studies


    1. Inter-municipal Cooperation for Sanitation: between the universalization of services and the preservation of environmental quality

    2. 2. The production and the unequal appropriation of public infra-structure in the metropolises. Analysis of sectorial and integrated plans and projects

    3. Analysis of the institutional performance of metropolitan municipalities

    4. Interchange program with the Metrópoli 2025 organism

    5. Systematization of experiments of institutional models of metropolitan administration


O laboratório da Coordenação Nacional da Rede INCT Observatório das Metrópoles está temporariamente fechado, por conta do incêndio ocorrido, no começo de outubro, no Prédio da Reitoria da UFRJ.

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